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Get Pinned This Christmas

Get Pinned This Christmas

on Nov 11, 2016

Get Pinned this Christmas

Wanna get pinned this Christmas?  Madge just loves Christmas jewelry, especially Christmas tree pins.   Here’s a few of her favorite pieces now available in the shop.


Eisenberg & Sons rose from its beginnings in 1914 as a ladies clothing manufacturer that made a little jewelry to help sell their dresses, to one of the premier costume jewelry companies in the world. Known for the quality of their designs, rhinestones and mountings, Eisenberg made all styles of jewelry including 18th century replicas, abstract pieces and wonderful Christmas pieces. The company is still in business although their jewelry is now made overseas.  Vintage Eisenberg pieces are some of the most collectible in Christmas jewelry.


Get pinned this christmas

Eisenberg Ice open work Christmas Tree pin


Here’s another exquisite Eisenberg currently in the shop.  The diamond-shaped rhinestones are stunning.


Get pinned this christmas

Eisenberg Christmas Tree


Here’s a festive set from the 1950s.  Pink and Red Rhinestone brooch and earrings in a mid-century swirl


vintage christmas jewelry from madgeshatbox

Mid Century Brooch & Earrings Set

Here’s a fun poinsettia pin from the 1980s.


Vintage poinsettia Pin

Vintage Poinsettia Pin


A delightful candy candy cane pin in red and green enamel.


Get pinned this christmas

Christmas Candy Cane


Of course Chrismas jewelry isn’t just pins.  Here’s a delightful Santa necklace. rather than a pin, from Wallace Silversmiths.



Get Pinned this Christmas

Enamel Santa Claus pin with gold chain


And finally, how about some other jewelry for the season?  Festive Scottie dogs.  A white celluloid piece plus a red set of original Pin Up Pups from Kresge’s.  Yes the head move!



vintage scottie brooches

Vintage Scottish Terrier Brooches


Whether you want a Christmas motif or holiday colors; modernist or classic design; Madge’s Christmas Collection is always in season.   View all of Madge’s Christmas collection, full of  jewelry, hats, fashion and handbags perfect this holiday season.


Merry Christmas from MadgesHatbox Vintage



  1. Just adorable. I have a few pins, some from my misspent youth, but one that is to appear tonight on my festive outfit is a Judith Jack from my son a few years ago. Some day it too will be vintage.

    Pins are a favorite of the sellers at Antique and Resale, in Chicago. That is THE place to go for some bling for anyone visiting our fair city. But you had better get there soon, as in 2 hours I will be headed out the door to pick up my shopping buddy, Iris, for some A&R indulgence.

    If your Etsy shop pins sell out, and you need to restock, please allow me to be your shopping assistant to find a few new gems for your shop. It is a horribly tempting job, but somebody has to do it.

    Hope all your readers peruse Madge’s shops for great finds this season. I am one happy customer!

    Mary Robak

    November 29, 2014

  2. I was lucky enough to find the HO HO HO pin in a little red velvet box at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store for just $3.99. I thought it looked more valuable than that.

    Donna Lu Smith

    December 19, 2014

    • Congrats on the great find.

      Madge Madge

      December 19, 2014

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