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Reflecting on NaBloPoMo, 2014

Reflecting on NaBloPoMo, 2014

Well it’s the last day of National Blog Posting Month and Madge has run the table.

Way back on Day One, she knew it would be a challenge, but Madge was determined to see it through. By the third day it was apparent this might have not been the smartest idea, since Madge did have a few online retail shops to run and the Christmas shopping season had just begun. It wasn’t that she didn’t have enough ideas; it was the time commitment that took way from getting inventory into her shops. Taking product photos, preparing listings and sending out orders was already a full-time job, how on earth was she going to get this done?

The good news? Madge had a long list of topics that she once feared would never get written by posting only once a month.   The bad news, Madge has now gone through the long list of topics she feared she would never get to.   BlogHer, the NaBloPoMo site, did send out a suggestion each day, but most were of the ilk “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be” and Madge isn’t much for navel gazing.

So what was learned? Number one, it is possible to write and post daily. Even if you only have a germ of an idea just start writing. Eventually you will come out at the other end with something fairly readable. NaBloPoMo had no requirements on length and there was even the suggestion that posting a photo with some comments would count. Madge strove daily to write real content and for the most part is proud of her efforts.   The hardest part was getting something up on Saturdays and Sundays but Mr. Madge was very understanding.

Number two, if you really make a commitment it’s amazing what you can accomplish. It was a close call, more than once a post went up at 11:55 p.m., and admittedly, not all were winners.

Madge profusely thanks that hardy little band who diligently read each daily post and commenting on most of them.   A special thanks goes out to Pam, Carolyn, Mary, Ann, Brenda and Adrienne. Your encouragement kept this old gal going,

Will the daily posts continue? Not on your life. But Madge is shooting for posting something each week and after this month she will have very few excuses not to get that done.

Here’s a recap of the month:

 Kenneth J Lane – Fabulous Faker


 Buy Vintage Jewelry – Do Good!


 Vintage Half Hats, Sophisticated Style for Every Woman


 So Much Jewelry, so Little Time


The Late, Great Department Store


 Dover Street Market – The Art of Retail


 Vintage Style on Film


 NaBloPoMo Seven Days In


 Vintage Jewelry by Kramer


 Life Magazine Fashion for 1948


 The Art of Vintage Sheet Music


That 70s Chanel Show


 Iris Apfel, My Icon of Style


 Estate Sale Musings


 A Slice of Life, October 7, 1957


Another Slice of Life


 Miss Thelma’s Recipes


 The Story of Judith McCann & Wingback Earrings


 Eero Saarinen, Architect of the Curve


 Edsel Ford – No Flop


 Vintage Savannah


 Hot Rod Lincoln


 Birds of a Feather


 Gilgal the Garden of Mystery


 Dime Box, Texas


 Thanksgiving Hollywood Style




 O Christmas Pin, O Christmas Pin


 Madge Celebrates Small Business Saturday

So now that National Blog Posting Month is over Madge can finally get to that stack of inventory.


See you next week.
Love and Hats

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  1. Congratulations on fortitude and creativity. I enjoyed the fine writing and can be sure you will think of things to come. Since I have become a devotee of Elsa Schiaparelli and you want my notes, just ask.
    Since she was not a Chicago milliner she is not about to show up in my neglected blog.
    Have a break and we will look forward to more insightful information.

  2. Pamela
    You achieved your goal. More importantly, to me, you proved it could be done. I have a horrible time even meeting a once a month goal of posting a blog article.

    With the fast moving and ever changing internet, I’m learning that tools such as blogs are an important and essential part of operating a business online.

    I fear that I may be past all that and may be facing the sunset of my internet experience.

    However, every young entrepreneur, and we all know the young hungry ones are out there, better take a page out of your book and get that pencil moving. This is an important and vital way to boost your presence on the big world wide web.

    Congratulations..I’ve enjoyed every single post. Kudos to you, well done!

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