The End of the Road
[ Madge's Story ]

Finding Madge – The End of the Road

As the car eased out of the motel parking lot, a thought was nagging in the back of my brain. Was I wasting my time?  Any contemporaries of my grandmother were long gone. Maybe too much time had passed.


This whole quest had begun by happenstance.   Opening a shop to sell my vintage co...

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Chanute, Kansas
[ Madge's Story ]

Finding Madge – Chanute, Kansas

Finding Madge - Chanute Kansas

For those of you following along in the journey for information about grandmother Madge's career as a milliner, you might remember a previous post which including a letter from Mrs. Margaret Steely in Chanute, Kansas.   That letter was one of the first clues I had a...

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[ Madge's Story ]

Finding Madge – The Journey Begins

The journey begins

Mrs. W. L. Steely
104 W. Main St.
Chanute, Kansas, March 8, 1917
Dear Mr.  Liebstadler:
“This will introduce to you Miss Beals, of Humbolt Kansas.  She is wanting some goods and also a trimmer for a few weeks.  You will confer a favor on me by doing the best you ...

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