Kemper County, Mississippi
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Finding Madge – Kemper County, Mississippi

Finding Madge – Kemper County, Mississippi

With Miss Thelma’s canned goods safely tucked in the back seat, we headed off to the 'big city' of DeKalb, county seat of Kemper County, Mississippi.   Our destination?  The Kemper County Historical Museum.   Miss Thelma put in a good word for us since t...

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Scooba Update
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Scooba Update – Progress at Last!

Scooba Update - Progress at Last!  When visiting Scooba last year, the downtown was in ruins.   What was once a vibrant commercial district now was literally falling down.


Now I'm pleased to report that a group of concerned citizens has formed the Scooba Focus Group to foster economic g...

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Welcome to
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Welcome to MadgesHatBox

Madge's Hatbox is dedicated to my grandmother, Madge Beals Meredith.

Ora Madge Beals was born on the 22nd of February, 1896 in Montpelier, Indiana. The family traveled by covered wagon to Kansas where Madge lived part her young life in a sod house.  At age 16 Madge informed her mother, Armenta Ja...

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