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DuPont 25 Years of Nylon

Dupont 25 Years of Nylon

Years of  prowling estate sales has taught Madge that one of the most neglected items are books.  Unless the sale has been specifically advertised to book collectors, most buyers push past the shelves of dusty tomes to seek flashier treasures.  But with a little bit of patience, one can find the occasional treasure among the Reader’s Digest Condensed and National Geographics.

My recent find is this book by DuPont commemorating the 25th anniversary of Nylon.  Published in conjunction with the company’s pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, it’s chock full of gorgeous full color drawings and photographs.  I don’t know how many of these books were published, but they must have cost a bundle in 1964 dollars.

25 Years of Nylon


25 Years of Nylon

The table of contents has a very cool graphics design that continues onto the adjacent page.  Madge would love to get the name of this font if anyone knows.


The paper quality is unbelievable, very heavy and textured in a lovely shade of ecru.  Each chapter has a full-page illustration.


25 Years of Nylon
The Early Years



The Early Years covers the invention of Nylon.  A new synthetic product that DuPont introduced at their Wonder World of Chemistry pavilion during the New York World’s Fair in 1939.







25 Years of Nylon
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The pavilion was a fabulous art deco/Flash Gordon spectacle including a tower with a beam of light shooting into the night sky.

25 Years of Nylon
The Wonder World of Chemistry


25 Years of Nylon
There’s a reason they’re called nylons.

DuPont devotes a lot of copy on one of their biggest moneymakers – hosiery.   Here’s a wonderful photo of  a group of comely lasses modeling said nylons.





The War Years covers all of the innovations essential to the war effort courtesy of Nylon.

25 Years of Nylon
The War Years





There are many photos of actual products but the most striking image is this “Ode to a Parachute.”  Printed on what looks like gray rice paper, this image of a solitary paratrooper is really striking. Nylon-5


Of course DuPont figured out a way to take a look at those nylons again with a money shot of the favorite pinup of World War II – Betty Grable.

25 Years of Nylon
Betty Grable, GI’s favorite pinup













The Postwar Years chapter starts with another amazing drawing.

25 Years of Nylon
Postwar Years


And of course DuPont has to give one more nod to those gams.

25 Years of Nylon
Post war goodies. Nylons again













The final chapter The Years Ahead, has the most conventional chapter photo at first glance. But on closer inspection the children are holding a really interesting faceted orb.

25 years of nylon
The Years Ahead










This chapter covers many of the mid-century innovations that Madge just loves.


25 years of nylon
How about this furniture vignette, blue shag anyone?


25 years of nylon
Stunning photo













Coming full circle at the end of the book is a double-page foldout of the DuPont pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.


25 years of nylon



25 years of nylon
Better Living Through Chemistry


While today’s younger readers may find this all a bit too much.  There was a time when the wonder of a World’s Fair and modern science could really sell tickets.

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  1. Fascinating history. Smack in the middle of Madge’s wheelhouse! I remember nylons and garter belts when they were ordinary undergarments. Now they’re a Valentine’s present to your man 😉 Great find, Madge. I’m glad you migrate to the books in your estate sale haunts!!

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