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Estate Sale Musings

It’s going be a busy weekend, so Madge is putting up some short posts over the next few days. That way she can still stay up to date on National Blog Posting Month.


Estate Sale Musings


Madge is a little behind on adding inventory to her shops since she has been writing so many blog posts, so she is spending some time catching up.  She found both of these sets of Trifari earrings at the same estate sale in Atlanta.


This pair of Crown Trifari clip earrings has a very striking design. Large, round thermoset plastic drops are connected to the clip with heavy-looking gold metal spirals with spiked edges.



Estate Sale Musings
Trifari Drop Earrings



Madge also loves this second Trifari set. Large, round thermoset egg-shaped drops are connected to the clip with bright red enamel and gold metal details. 


Estate Sale Musings
Love the egg-shaped drop on these


Obviously the owner loved this style of earrings, having two pairs.  These conjure up imaginings of her dressed in one of those fab short mini dresses, in a beehive hairdo, ready for a night on the town.


Estate sales are exciting and sad at the same time.  Exciting because of the anticipation of the wonderful vintage pieces you might find.  Sad because the reality of the elderly owners who have passed away leaving walkers, wheelchairs, raised toilet seats and the other detritus of the end of life huddled in a corner of the basement.

Finding fun pieces like these 60s mod earrings tell you there was once life and joy in that now dreary house.

See you tomorrow.




Love and Hats


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