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Madge’s Pandemic Playlist & Other Other Ways to Fill Your Time

Hey, It’s Madge checking in to see how everyone is doing.  We are still Covid free, YAY, and the shop is open.  So if you need a mood enhancer we’ve got the vintage.  If you’re not in a shopping frame-of-mind we’ve got our Pandemic Playlist plus some other fun suggestions to fill your time.

Spring Hat Sale

Skyping or Zooming with friends?  We can’t think of a better time to wear a hat.  So we’ve extended our Spring Hat Sale thru the end of March.  Find that special hat for Easter, Now at 30% off.  It will look fabulous around the house.   🙂

Use Coupon Code: SPRINGSALE

On Shipping

Current best practice from the CDC for receiving packages is to leave them unopened for 24 hours.  So, have the delivery driver place them somewhere safe and dry for a day.  Is anyone else hearing Carly Simon’s Anticipation right now? 

Or, we can hold your order to ship when you’re ready to receive your goodies.  We even have layaway at no extra charge.  (I know we’re thoughtful that way).

Shipping boxes

Looking for creative ideas for filling time?

We’ve got our PANDEMIC PLAYLIST on Shopify, jam-packed with some of our favorite pick-me-up tunes.

Plus, if you’re looking for a change of pace from Netflix or Prime here’s what Madge and Mr. Madge are Jonesing on right now.

PLAYING FOR CHANGE is an amazing music channel on Youtube featuring artists around the world jamming together on iconic songs.  Don’t miss The Weight, it gave us chills.  We find each song adds a little hope to our world.

We’re still mad at Comcast for moving Turner Classic Movies (TCM) to a more expensive cable tier so our new crush is the CRITERION CHANNEL, the motherlode of classic and foreign films.  Criterion has been the go-to source for years for restored classic movies on DVD and now they’ve added streaming.  Sweet!  Check out their two-week free trial.

If you’re more of a Broadway Babe BROADWAYHD is the place for you.  This is the source to view legendary Broadway shows.  We know watching filmed stage productions is never as good as seeing live theater, but since Madge never got to see Angela Lansbury in the original Sweeny Todd, who cares?  BroadwayHD offers a one-week free trial.

If podcasts are your game, one of my favorites is THE JACKASS WHISPERER, previously known as The Unpodcast.  Each week Scott and Alison Stratten skewer major companies and their feeble attempts at customer service and also cover jackassery in general.  Listen at the link or on Apple Podcasts. 

And  of course there more MadgesHatbox BLOG POSTS.  You can find the list of our best here.

So these are our suggestions

for filling some time while you are cooped up with the spouse, kids or any significant others.  Like our suggestions or have more ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Just comment here and we’ll feature our favorites in our Top 20 Time Wasters on the Madge Facebook page.  Top 20 winners will receive a discount coupon from MadgesHatbox.

That’s all for now . . .

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