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Nablopomo, Seven Days In

Nablopomo, Seven Days In


National Blog Posting Month


Madge has successfully completed week one of National Blog Posting Month. For someone who can barely get one post up a month, this is a real achievement.


If it looks like Madge is punting today please cut her a little slack. A cousin is in town for the weekend who Madge hasn’t seen in years and, if she does say so herself, the posts so far have been pretty damn good.


The point of the month is to write. It might not all be Shakespeare but at least we are writing. Check out the official site on BlogHer, and then come back tomorrow. Madge promises to be much more interesting.


A special shout out goes to Madge’s two-women fan club who have read every post so far and have left such supportive comments.   Coincidentally they both own online vintage shops that are favorites of hers.  So kudos to Carolyn at CoBayley and CoBayleyToo on Etsy and Pam at WhimsicalVintage on Ruby Lane.  Ladies, without the two of you I could not have gotten this far.


Wish me luck on the next seven days and see you tomorrow.


Love and Hats

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