Kramer Austria Brooch, Modernist Porphyr Art Glass


Approx. Size (cm):  2″ x 1.5″ (5 x 4); 3 large stones are 20mm; 20 x 11 mm & 25 x 15mm 
Condition: Very Good.
Jewelry mark: Kramer, made in Austria.
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Jewelry as abstract art.

Kramer Brooch Details

  • This brooch by Kramer is a real piece of art
  • Modernist design loaded with rhinestones, and a beautiful variegated red porphyr art glass cabochon stone.
  • Rhinestones are clear, blue, purple, and clear with an aurora borealis coating.
  • This brooch is enhanced with detailed gold metal prongs and gold glass leaves.

Porphyr or Purpurin (glass is an opaque glass of brownish to lustrous deep-reddish color which in classical antiquity was used for residential luxury objects, mosaics, and various decorative purposes.  This type of glass is somewhat harder than normal glass but can be easily cut and polished. 

The History of Kramer

Kramer was founded by Louis Kramer in 1943. Since all activities of the company were centered in New York City many of the pieces are marked “Kramer NYC or Kramer of New York. The company was known for its intricate design work and use of rhinestones particularly in floral or geometric patterns. Kramer was also a maker for Dior in the 1950s-60s. The company closed in the 1970s.   Read Madge’s article on this storied costume jewelry company.


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Weight 3 oz



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