Mink Turban Vintage, Vintage 1960s by Mr. John, Hat Size 22.5


Classic mink turban hat perfect for winter weather.



This mink turban by Mr. John is a stylish solution to cold weather.

Mink Turban Details

  • Brown mink turban from famed milliner Mr. John.
  • Asymmetrical seaming around the top of the sides.
  • Beautiful gold and white floral lining.

Who was Mr. John?

John Pico John (Mr. John), (1906-1993), born John Pico Harberger, Munich. Before forming the Mr. John label, he was a partner with Frederic Hirst in John-Frederics (1927 to 1948), and during that period designed the hats for Gone With The Wind. Mr. John’s designs were popular in the 1940s through the 1970s. Clients included stars of film, stage, opera and high society — Duchess of Windsor, Gloria Swanson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Mary Pickford, Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford, and Rosalind Russell. He and Cecil Beaton designed the hats for My Fair Lady. His hats were worn by Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express, by Greta Garbo in The Painted Veil and by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. At its peak, his business employed 150 and brought in over $7 million a year.

Mr. John was one of New York’s great entertainers, known for his outrageous behavior. When he launched a new collection he publicized it in Mr. John’s Fashion News, using celebrities as models. He retired in the 1970s, complaining that women’s fashion was dead and that women had “‘sold-out’” to “hairdressers who make orthopedic hairdos and french-fried curls.” McDowell, p. 159-160. By then he was the world’s richest milliner. He died at age 91.

Labels include Boutique, Classic (1960s), Caprice (1960s label for whimsies), Moderne, Signature Series, Empress, Sophisticate, Debutante, Sportif,  Young Elegants.


NOT SHIPPABLE TO ITALY due to Italian customs prohibition.

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