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  • vintage blue cloche
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Vintage 1990s Frank Olive Cloche, Blue Floral Straw


Vintage 1990s Frank Olive Cloche Hat in Blue Floral Straw.

This romantic Frank Olive cloche hat in two-tone blue works great for Spring, Summer & Fall.
Approx. Hat Size (cm): 22″ (56 ); Diameter: 10″ (25.5); Height Crown: 4″ (10); Width of Brim: 1.5″ (4).
Condition: Very good.
Era: 1990s.
Mark/Label: Frank Olive, Neiman Marcus.
Vintage item only one available.


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Frank Olive was a major force in quality millinery and this cloche hat shows it.

Frank Olive Cloche Details

  • Stylish 70s Frank Olive cloche hat
  • New old stock with tags
  • Two-tone straw in navy and light blue.
  • Light blue silk flower spray on the side
  • This Frank Olive label was a Neiman Marcus exclusive.

About Frank Olve

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1929, Frank Olive studied at the Chicago Art Institute, where he started designing costumes. He moved to New York originally hoping to design for the theater. He worked for a while at Chanda and Emme before opening his first boutique Greenwich Village, where he designed hats for Seventh Avenue fashion houses and leading department stores. In 1971 he partnered with David Stein to establish Frank Olive’s World. He was one of the foremost U.S. milliners from the 50s through the 90s. His customers included Carol Burnett, Diana Ross, and Peggy Lee. He died in New York in 1995 at age 66.

What is a Cloche Hat?

The cloche is a deep crowned, usually soft hat with little or no brim, worn pulled down over the ears and forehead, with the head band ending at the eyebrows. According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the cloche was introduced by Lucie Hamar in 1917, but other cloches in the Met’s collection are attributed to earlier years, including one with a B. Altman label, which the Met says is circa 1912. Other sources say the French milliner Caroline Reboux was the creator.

Cloche-like hats began to appear in the U.S. as early as 1915, replacing the oversized Edwardian hat. They were most commonly associated with flappers during the 1920s, when they were widely popular, eclipsing virtually all other hat styles. Reboux’s 1925 helmet shaped cloche became the dominant design for the rest of the decade. In the 1930s cloches began exposing more of the forehead, sometimes by rolling up the brim. By the mid-1930s, the cloche had fallen out of fashion. The cloche was revived in the 1970s and has been popular in various forms ever since.  From Hatatorium:  An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors, 2nd Edition.


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