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The Last Fix-it Shop

The Last Fix-it Shop

Madge went waaaay out of her way to catch an estate sale last weekend.  The whole 23 miles there you could here her muttering, “this better be worth it”. Boy was it ever!

Introducing the Lady Schick Consolette, Model # 307

Portable – Professional

Madge was agog when she found this forlorn little hair dryer sitting in a remote corner of the garage covered in dust.  Obviously she had to have it.   It is absolutely beautiful in three shades of aqua blue.  Very light weight, it has an ingenious design.  The egg shaped silhouette opens, you pull up the shaft, click in the dryer top and in seconds Voila – a full size hair dryer.

This dryer was a major innovation back in the mid-60s.  Since everyone, and I mean everyone rolled their hair in curlers.   Your options? Air dry, pay for a do at the local beauty box or stick your head in the oven.  With this little number women could break the shackles of the salon and dry their hair with ease while perusing The Ladies Home Journal.

I love those vintage ads that I found. Reminds me of the “The Telephone Song” scene from Bye Bye Birdie! Actually it still sounds a little revolutionary, relaxing at home reading a fashion rag instead of slugging down some coffee while frantically waving a blow dryer at your head on the way out the door.  Much more civilized. But I digress.  Here’s the bad news – it doesn’t work.

Lady Schick Consulette2

The last fix it shop
Heaven in a hair dryer

Back when Madge was, ahem, younger, there were Fix-it shops usually in a shed or a garage behind the house.  The more successful ones opened up a storefront in the back of the neighborhood shopping center.  A elderly man, who would fix all manner of small electrical appliances, owned it.  You could sometimes spot his wife in the back, through a pass through in the wall, sporting a bad dye job, “doing” the books.   Yes younger ones, once upon a time we would pay to repair shavers, can openers, toasters and of course hair dryers. I think my in-laws had the same coffee percolator until they died.  Remnants remain in the form of vacuum and lawn mower repair services, and mall repair shops for jewelry and watches;  but the days of getting your Remington electric razor repaired are long gone.  (Note the length of average IPhone ownership before trading up:  30 minutes)

But surely there is one last guy on the planet who can fix this thing and Madge is determined to find him.  After 50 years in the garage, little Consolette you deserve a much better fate. Didn’t you mean something to the women kept it all that time? Rememberances of younger days, first date perhaps? Calling all Madge fans.  If you know the guy, please add a comment to the blog on where he can be found. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, Madge will just admire Model # 307 from afar.

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