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This blog is inspired by my grandmother, Madge Beals Meredith who was a milliner before she married and settled into her lifelong roles of housewife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Check out the Mississippi series covering my search for her 1917 millinery shop in Scooba, Mississippi.










Pamela Hill Lappin is a writer on vintage style and the owner of, an online shop of vintage fashion.

You can also find Madge at Hatatorium Emporium and at 9th&Elm

Also check out Madge’s new vintage home goods shop, Madge @Home

Finding Madge – A Mississippi Journey to Find a Hat Shop

Finding Madge – A Mississippi Journey to Find a Hat Shop

An Etsy Creative Origin Story
Opening a shop to sell my vintage collect was a conscious act to de-clutter. Naming the shop Madge’s Hatbox, after my grandmother, was loving nod to her years as a milliner. Then, a chance remark by my aunt sent me on a journey in search of a hat shop she opened in 1917. Finding her own backers and traveling alone from Kansas to Scooba, Mississippi to find her fortune, she continues to be an inspiration to me.

M’s Manifesto

 M’s Manifesto

Attitude is Everything


A Great Hat can Change Your Day


Past is Prologue


Buy What You Like not how it’s Priced


Vintage Style is not a Costume


Good Taste is Always in Style – bad manners are not


Daytime Hats are not Meant for Evening – Ladies there are Rules About These Things!


Color, Color, Color


Rhinestones, Rhinestones, Rhinestones


Trashy is not Sexy


Wear Fashion, don’t let it Wear You


Remember – WWCD (What Would Coco Do?):

“Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry.”

Coco Chanel

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