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Ok for some reason I'm getting US magazine in the mail. Didn't subscribe so don't know what's up. So each week I toss the issue in the recycle pile without reading it feeling really self important. This time I broke down to read what happened to Kaley Cuoco. ... See MoreSee Less

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End of Summer Sale

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Finding Madge – A Granddaughter’s Journey

Opening an Etsy shop to sell my vintage collection was a conscious act to de-clutter. Naming the shop Madge’s Hatbox, after my grandmother, was loving nod to her years as a milliner. Then a chance remark by my aunt sent me on a journey in search of a hat shop my grandmother opened in 1917.
After securing funds for millinery supplies then traveling by herself from Kansas to Scooba, Mississippi to find her fortune, Madge’s courage and drive to succeed continues to be a daily inspiration.

The following is a series of articles chronicling my journey to try to find that hat shop. Hope you enjoy the ride.

I know I did.

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