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Don’t be Afraid to Clip!

If you have browsed Madge’s Etsy shop, you have probably noticed that her selection of earrings are all clips. You are probably saying to the computer right now, “Wait Madge, I have pierced ears.” Well my vintage-loving friends I have one revelation – Don’t fear the Clip!

Pierced earrings have been around since before the time of the Pharaohs. Most vintage earrings from the 20th Century, however, are clips. Madge, having pierced ears since 1975 trip to the local mall, is here to help you through this journey. She has tried all of the featured earrings and can personally vouch for their comfort. Madge can also assure you that the wearing of clip earrings will not cause your ears to close up, fall off or turn blue. So whether you’re funky, fashionable or formal, check out Madge’s earrings for some stylish clips . . . And remember – Don’t be afraid to clip.

Funky – Black and White Dice Earrings 

Fashionable – Napier Turquoise & Goldtone

Formal – Rhinestone Dazzler
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