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Another Slice of Life

Another Slice of Life

It’s going be a busy weekend, so Madge is putting up some short posts over the next few days. That way she can still stay up-to-date on National Blog Posting Month.

A few days ago Madge featured a fabulous Life Magazine spread on dinner hats. She thought you might like to see some of the marvelous ads from that issue.

So, here’s another slice of Life, this time from November, 1948.

Another slice of life
Fabulous fashion from Forstmann
another slice of life
Who know Milk of Magnesia could be such a babe magnet?
Another slice of Life
This may be one of the scariest products I’ve ever seen.
Another Slice of Life
Way back when Ma Bell was a monopoly . . . wait, aren’t they are once again?

Grant took this advice literally and married Drake shortly after filming this movie in 1948. She later became a psychologist.  Reportedly she and Grant remained friends.

Another slice of life
Doesn’t marriage cure all maladies?

I really like the design idea for this swimsuit by Schiaparelli for Catalina.   Three types of reveal.

Another slice of life
The top one is pretty daring for 1948.

Tagline for this one “perhaps tomorrow I’ll own silverware as beautiful as Helen’s“.

Another slice of life
All the girls envy Helen’s flatware. We hate Helen.

So that’s all from 1948.  See you tomorrow.

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