It’s the Year of the Tiger! Get Lucky

Bring on the Tiger!  The start of the Lunar New Year is arriving on the first of February and it’s the Year of the Tiger.

Not every Lunar Year makes for a great fashion statement.  Year of the Rat anyone?  But in 2022, we are busting out all of our Tiger fashion, jewelry, and accessories.  After all who doesn’t love a little animal print in your life?

The History

The Lunar New Year celebrated by millions of people around the globe, is on a twelve-year cycle. While the Western solar calendar is based on the earth’s passage around the sun, lunar calendars set their timing on the different phases of the moon.  Each phase has its own zodiac symbol, an animal, that comes back around every twelve years.

Last year it was the Ox, diligent, dependable, and determined.  This year it’s the Tiger, a symbol of strength and courage.   

2022 is predicted to be very lucky for those born during a year of the goat.  Any GOATS out there?  You can find out your lunar animal here.

No surprise, based on Madge’s birthday, she’s a Rooster since she loves feather hats and strutting around. 🙂

So get your Tiger on with these fabulous vintage selections from MadgesHatbox.

Chinese Zodiac tiger

Kenneth Jay Lane

This tiger clamper bracelet will bring out the animal in you!  In glossy enamel.  Black enamel stripes are outlined in gold for an extra pop.   The spring clamper design makes this bracelet a comfort to wear.

KJL Enamel Tiger Bracelet
Kenneth Jay Lane Tiger Bracelet

Think you are seeing pink tigers?  Well, you are, with this fun pair of Kenneth Jay Lane dangle earrings.   New old stock pierced earrings that come with the original hang card.

Kenneth Jay Lane pink tiger earrings
KJL Enamel Tiger Stripe Earrings

If you love statement rings this Kenneth Jay Lane enamel tiger head ring is it.   High gloss rust and cream enamel on a gold metal band.

vintage tiger ring
KJL Enamel Tiger Head Ring

Mary Frances Handbags

Mary Frances is famous the world over for her marvelous handbags that aren’t for the shy of heart.  This leather extravaganza says you are bold and courageous just like the Tiger!

vintage mary frances handbag
Mary Frances White Tiger Stripe Handbag

Tiger’s Eye Jewelry

Does Tiger’s Eye count?  We have two beautiful pieces that showcase this beautiful, eye-catching (forgive the pun) crystal.

vintage tiger's eye ring
Tiger's Eye Sterling RIng in the Brutalist Style
Year of the tiger necklace
Artisian Necklace Handmade in Israel

This crystal brooch will really bring out the animal in you with its sparkling clear crystals and black enamel stripes.

crystal tiger brooch
Crystal Tiger Brooch

Happy Lunar New Year

But no matter your zodiac sign, take that Tiger by the tail with vintage fashion and accessories from MadgesHatbox.  

Photos copyright © 2023  MadgesHatbox Vintage.  We are a proud member of Got VintageCheck out their website.

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