• Henry Perichon gold cuff bracelet
  • Henry Perichon jewelry
  • vintage gold bracelet
  • brutalist cuff bracelet
  • Henry Perichon jewelry mark
  • Henry Perichon gold cuff bracelet
  • Henry Perichon jewelry
  • vintage gold bracelet
  • brutalist cuff bracelet
  • Henry Perichon jewelry mark

Henry Perichon Gold Cuff, 1960s Brutalist Style


Vintage 1960s Henry Perichon gold cuff bracelet.

A rare Henry Perichon gold cuff. His goal was jewelry as individual pieces of art.
✅  Approx. Size (cm): Interior Dimension:  2.5″ (6);  Width: 3″ (7.5)
✅  Condition: Very good.
✅  Era:  1960s
✅  Mark/Label: Henry France
✅  Only one.

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This  incredible gilt gold cuff bracelet by Henry Perichon is a showstopper.

Vintage Cuff Details

  • 1960s Brutalist cuff.
  • Textured gilt gold.
  •  Large gold cabochons surrounded by rings dot the surface.
  • Made in France by Henry Perichon.

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About Henry Perichon

Henry Perichon was a prominent French jewelry designer who gained recognition for his exquisite and innovative creations during the mid-20th century. He was born in 1910 and became renowned for his unique approach to jewelry design.

Perichon’s designs were characterized by their boldness, creativity, and use of diverse materials. He founded the House of Henry in Paris in the 1950s, which quickly gained popularity among high-profile clients, including celebrities, royalty, and socialites.

His jewelry pieces often featured vibrant gemstones, intricate metalwork, and imaginative designs that reflected the artistic trends of his time. Perichon was known for incorporating unconventional materials into his designs, such as wood, shells, and even plastics, which added a distinct and avant-garde quality to his work.

Perichon’s creations were celebrated for their craftsmanship and artistic flair, earning him a reputation as an influential figure in the world of haute couture jewelry. His pieces are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for their rarity and artistic value. He passed away in 1971.

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