• gold and black oval vintage brooch
  • gold and black damascene pin
  • gold oval brooch, safety pin clasp
  • vintage damascene brooch
  • gold and black oval vintage brooch
  • gold and black damascene pin
  • gold oval brooch, safety pin clasp
  • vintage damascene brooch

Vintage Damascene Oval Brooch, Black & Gold


Striking vintage Damascene oval brooch.

A highly detailed Damascene brooch for your collection.
✅   Approx. Size (cm): 1.5″  (4).
✅   Condition:  Minor wear on the back.
✅   Era:  1960s.
✅   Mark/Label:  None.
✅   Only one.

Domestic flat rate shipping – Jewelry: $4.50

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This vintage Damascene oval brooch had a very pretty floral motif.

Vintage Brooch Details

  • Striking vintage oval brooch. 
  • Inlay gold onto black metal. 
  • Flower design in several tones of gold plus a bright gold dove.
  • This classic design is a symbol of peace.
  • Safety pin clasp.
  • Unmarked, we think it is probably from Spain circa 1960s.

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About Damascene

Damascene jewelry is a type of ornamental metalwork that originated in the city of Damascus, which is now in modern-day Syria. It is characterized by intricate designs created by inlaying precious metals such as gold or silver into a contrasting metal base, often steel or iron.

The technique involves etching the surface of the base metal to create patterns or designs and then filling those etched areas with the precious metal. This creates a striking contrast between the two metals and results in highly decorative pieces of jewelry or other decorative items such as vases, plates, or boxes.

Damascene jewelry is known for its fine craftsmanship, intricate designs, and historical significance, and it has been produced for centuries in various parts of the world, including Spain and Japan, following similar techniques.

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