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Evaluating the vintage condition of clothing, hats, jewelry, and accessories: A Grading Guide


We had a question from a prospective buyer on how we grade our vintage inventory. That question left Madge a bit embarrassed she hadn’t written a post about grading vintage. 

When it comes to vintage fashion, there’s an undeniable allure in owning a piece of history.  Whether you’re an avid collector, a fashion enthusiast, or just appreciate the charm of bygone eras, understanding the condition of vintage items is crucial, especially when purchasing online. Despite what you see trending on social media, there is consensus on what constitutes vintage fashion.  True vintage is at least 20 years old which may mean some age is showing. 

Madge’s Hatbox takes pride in providing accurate and transparent grading for our vintage clothing, hats, jewelry, and accessories. In this post, we will walk you through our grading system, which ranges from “Mint” to “Fair,” to help you make informed decisions when purchasing vintage treasures.

what is good vintage condition on clothing

Notes on Cleaning

First, some notes on cleaning.  Clothing and accessories are cleaned and ironed prior to listing.  Shoes are cleaned and sanitized.  Hats are spot-cleaned, brushed, and steamed back into the correct shape.   Vintage jewelry is cleaned and missing stones are replaced by matching vintage stones.  Any replacements are noted in the product description.  Sterling silver pieces are lightly polished to preserve the existing patina.  We do not polish back to a shiny surface.   You are free to do so once you receive your jewelry but the value may be compromised.  

cleaning vintage jewelry

Grading Vintage

Mint Condition: Like New, Possibly New Old Stock

At the top of our grading scale is Mint condition. Items in this category are akin to new.  If you are lucky you can find new old stock with tags, also known as deadstock. These pristine pieces have never been worn or have been carefully stored and show no age. Mint means in impeccable condition, no wear, rips, stains, or missing parts. Vintage mint items are highly sought after and are often considered the rara avis of the world of vintage fashion.

New Old stock hat with tags, dead stock
New old stock hat with tags found at an estate sale

Very Good Condition: No Wear, Rips, Stains, or Missing Pieces

Items in Very Good condition are still in remarkable shape, though they may have been gently worn or used. They exhibit little to no signs of wear, with no notable rips, stains, or missing components. Any minor flaws are typically inconspicuous and do not detract from the overall aesthetic or functionality of the item. Very Good vintage pieces are well-preserved and offer excellent quality and value.

Good Condition: Minor Wear Commensurate with Age

Vintage items graded as Good have experienced some wear over time, as is to be expected. These pieces may display slight signs of age, such as minor fading, creasing, or small imperfections. However, they still maintain their overall integrity, functionality, and visual appeal. Good condition vintage items often have character and provide a sense of authenticity, as they have stood the test of time with grace like we all hope to achieve.

Fair Condition: Obvious Wear (Reserved for Rare or Antique Pieces)

At the lower end of our grading scale is Fair condition. Items in this category exhibit noticeable wear, which can include more pronounced fading, fraying, stains, or repairs. We typically don’t sell items in Fair condition unless they possess exceptional rarity or historical significance. Fair-condition pieces often cater to collectors or individuals seeking specific vintage items despite their imperfections and are not usually worn.  

In The End

At Madge’s Hatbox, we understand the importance of accurately assessing and grading the condition of vintage clothing, hats, jewelry, and accessories. Our grading system helps you make informed decisions based on the level of wear, age, and rarity of each item. By providing transparent and reliable grading, we aim to foster trust and satisfaction in you and all vintage fashion enthusiasts.

When it comes to vintage fashion, each piece tells a unique story. Please remember that no matter the condition, vintage fashion is not new and over-handling may cause damage.  Embracing the imperfections and wear that come with age can add character and authenticity to your collection.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a beginner exploring the world of vintage fashion, our carefully graded items offer a diverse range of options and prices, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.  Vintage treasures are more than just clothing, hats, jewelry, and accessories‚ they are tangible pieces of history waiting to be cherished and appreciated for years to come. Treat vintage pieces with the respect they deserve.

Happy hunting and may you find the perfect vintage gem to add to your collection at Madge’s Hatbox!

Love & Hats Madge

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