A National Hat Day Celebration

It’s January 15 and time for our annual National Hat Day Celebration.  It’s most important holiday of the year.  (tongue firmly in cheek).  Hat wearers are becoming a rara avis indeed. When even the UK’s Heritage Craft Association considers millinery an endangered craft you know hats are in trouble.  So we, at Madge Central, take hat wearing as a serious business.  Hats elevate any outfit and show your unique personality.  So we take this day every year to sing the praises of hats and those who wear them.

As usual on National Hat Day we turn this post over to our customers and fans who show us their favorite hat and why it’s special.  Later on, Madge will show off one of her favs.

national hat day

Vicki from Middleton, Delaware

My hat is not handmade or vintage. It’s a Betsy Johnson hat that I picked up at a cute consignment shop in Gastonia, NC called “My Big Sister’s Closet.” I love this hat because it is sooo big. I have fair skin and rosacea, so sun protection is a must, especially down by the dock where the sun bounces off the water.

Favorite hat
a national hat day celebration


Cemile from Nashville, Tennessee

I’ve been a collector for years. I love beautiful well made hats.
A great hat transcends time & levels up any outfit. ❤️

Favorite hippie hat



Theresa from Tazewell, Tennessee

It’s my hippie hat,  Lol.  Reminds me of the 70s, I just love it.!!!!! 

Vintage feather hat

Laura from Raleigh, North Carolina

Be sure to check out her shop Lady and Librarian

My favorite floral hat

Angelina from Kissimee, Florida

Sporting a fabulous floral straw hat with telescoping wide brim.

andrea hat day

Andrea from Toronto

I love thishat because it was for my 58th birthday celebration, where my family decided since we can’t get together physically, we would all get dressed up and FaceTime a party! There was cake, noisemakers and we played charades. My nieces and nephews were in attendance, so I had a better turn out than usual!

There’s no label because I made that hat! I made it out of a large fabric swatch and essentially wrapped it, turban style. The opening at the front is held fast by a large grape cluster brooch signed Art. It’s still held together and I have worn it to a couple of engagements now! 

Check out Andrea’s fabulous vintage jewelry shop HipCricket

vintage hat with vintage home



Tina from Orlando

It’s a time warp! Very cool house and dress.  So cool that you bought a vintage house to match that fabulous pink flower pot hat!

vintage feather hat




Rose from Palominas, Arizona

“I had a hat with black and white feathers.  Wishing I had not listed and sold it. Gertrude is modeling it.” 

We sympathize Rose.  As a vintage seller, we all have one that got away.

Don’t miss Rose’s vintage shop at Le Vintage Jewelry & Collectibles

Vintage fedora hat




Sunita from New York City

This hat is my favorite since it was given to me by my daughter.  She knows I love hats. I wore it for a jewelry challenge.

wide brim hat




Jennifer from Mayville, Wisconsin

“I absolutely the of this hat color.  The shape was unique too, more of a relaxed cowboy hat than the typically more rigid shaped ones.”

Jennifer has a fabulous vintage shop Sweet Ginger Vintage

A fascinating fascinator



Jeri from Nashville, Tennessee

One of my favorites is this fabulous black silk fascinator hat with the long feathers it’s made by Arturo Rios.  He designed many of the hats on sex and the city. I love this one!

paca hat millinery




Deb Culig from Winter Park, Colorado

Deb is a milliner sporting one of her handmade alpaca Western hats.   

Check out her website and meet the cute Alpacas.  Shop Paca Hats

Madge in her favorite hat

Madge from Savannah, Georgia

And finally, I’m showing off a 1980s flapper-style Whittall & Javits sample hat that was never produced. One of my favs!

Wore it to a 1920s-themed New Year’s Eve party in 2019.

Remember parties?    Sigh . . .

Love & Hats Madge

So here’s to Hats.    Whether fancy one-of-a-kind looks or every day fedoras, hats are a marvelous way to show case your personal style.  It can be new or vintage, from Target or the fanciest of milliners,  remember Madge’s axiom, “The most interesting woman in the room is wearing a hat”

Oh, and if you need one, we have one just for you.

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