A Slice of Life, October 7, 1957

Madge loves vintage advertisements.  You can read all of the history books you want but to see how Americans really lived pick up a vintage magazine and flip through the pages. Here’s a slice of  Life, October 7, 1957.

a slice of life vintage kitchen from 1957
My Dream Kitchen
a slice of life magazine
Wonderful mid-century graphic design for Naturalizer
a slice of life, October 1957
Perry Como, what a dish!
vintage swank cufflinks ad A slice of life magazine 1957
This Swank cufflinks ad is so striking.
a slice of life magazine October 1957
Real or wax?
1950s pepsi cola advertisement
A stylish Pepsi couple
vintage travel ad
Any of these will do!
1950s Westclock advertisement
Some cool mid-century clocks for your mid-cen home
1950s Formfit corset Ad
Now that's an undercover strategy!

And finally, this really fun ad for Hanes seamless hose.

1950s hosery ad

We hope you have enjoyed this look back at a Slice of Life from 1957.  Stay tunes for more fun vintage magazines.

Photos copyright © 2022  MadgesHatbox Vintage.  We are a proud member of Got VintageCheck out their website.

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