Don’t Fear the Clip Earrings!

Vintage clip earrings

Don't Fear the Clip

Love vintage earrings? If you have browsed Madge’s shop, you have probably noticed that most of her selections are clip earrings.  You are probably saying to the computer right now, “Wait Madge, I have pierced ears.” Well my vintage-loving friends I have one revelation – Don’t fear the Clip!


Pierced earrings have been around since before the time of the Pharaohs and are one of the earliest forms of human adornment.  They were even used as amulets against bad spirits.  Most vintage earrings from the 20th Century, however, are clips.  Most forms of earrings including hoops, buttons and chandelier earrings among the ancient collections in world museums.  

Roman Palmyrene (Syria) Earrings
Walker Art Museum via Wikimedia Commons
Ancient Egyptian earrings
Gold Egyptian Ram Horn Earrings 1085 BC - AD 324
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Earrings started to lose favor in the 10th century as longer hairstyles hid the ears.  They came back in fashion during the Renaissance, first worn by men in a single ear.   Marie Antoinette was famously jealous of a huge pair of diamond earrings the size of almonds flaunted by Madame Du Barry.

We're digging that pearl earrings in this portrait of Henri III, circa 16th century

The Elizabethan Era brought fame to a pair of enormous pearl earrings worn by the Queen and widely copied at court.  

Queen Victoria showed off a very impressive pair of diamond pierced earrings as part of her coronation jewelry.

Queen Elizabeth I pearl earrings
Those amazing pearl earrings worn by Queen Elizabeth
via Wikimedia Commons
Queen Victoria coronation earrings (1887)
Queen Victoria coronation jewelry (1887)
via Wikimedia Commons

In the late 1800s, a patent for a different type of earrings emerged – screw backs.  Love them or hate them, screw back allowed a precise fit.  Screwback earrings became popular in the 1920s, followed by screw backs and finally clips.

Madge, having pierced ears since a 1975 trip to the local mall, is here to help you through this journey. She has tried all of the featured earrings and can personally vouch for their comfort.

Madge can also assure you that the wearing of clip earrings will not cause your ears to close up, fall off or turn blue. So whether you’re funky, fashionable or formal, check out Madge’s earrings for some stylish clips . . . And remember – Don’t Fear The Clip.

Love & Hats Madge

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