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Season two of “Emily in Paris” has just dropped.  If you’ve fallen in love with EIP as much as we, have you know that fashion plays a big part in the story.  The series is not without controversy.  Critics complain that the whole premise is ludicrous.  A neophyte, self-absorbed, American Instagrammer finding success in Paris, all the while not learning the language.  And of course, the French  decry the stereotypes. depicting the them as aloof, work adverse with a chip on their shoulder about their own culture.

But this show is a fantaisie charmante.  After all, the characters are a bit over the top and Emily’s fashion combinations are so, shall we say unrealistic, just like in “Sex in the City” another Darrin Star production. Who wears stilettos while running on cobblestones anyway? 

Emily in Paris fashion
Courtesy of Netflix - MTV Studios - Viacom, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Eiffel tower
Couresy of Sarah Stierch, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, here at Madge Central, we are all about the fashion and the charming Paris postcard locations.  Not only does Emily’s marketing firm, Savoir, represent one of the biggest designers in France, Pierre Cadault (was that the late, great Pierre Cardin in disguise?), but the clothing choices each woman makes reflect their unique personalities.  From the cool, older woman French sophistication of Sylvie with her understated and muted tones to Emily’s exuberant colors and patterns, their different fashion choices heighten the tension between the two women, the central theme of the first season. Of course, we can’t forget the “crazy rich Asian” look of Mindy and the classic French style of Camille with her scarf tied just so.  

Here’s our vintage interpretations from season one.

French women just know how to wear scarves and Camille would rock out this vintage Hermes scarf.  The antique walking stick design will delight any flâneuse.

It’s All About the Berets 

It may be a cliché, but a beret is always tres chic, timeless and best of all looks so sophisticated.  We have some fabulous ones in the shop perfect for your inner Emily. 

This classic red beret is the bomb.

Time for a French 75, one of Madge’s favorite cocktails, in this gorgeous velvet beret with sparkling red and clear stones.

Emily is also known to sport a tam.  Quelle est la différence you ask?  Well, a Tam originally called a tam o’shanter, is a type of beret with Scottish origins and is meant be worn straight on the head rather than tilted.  Usually there’s a pom pom or stem on the top. Tams also are also always flat unlike berets which may have a stiff form like the red one above.

We’re gaga over this black velvet tam with a pinwheel top and ribbon tabs down the back.  T

An of course, if you really want to get authentic we have three extremely rare hats by Parisian milliner Clyde Saint Cyr including stunning this lavender tapestry beret.

It’s All About Pink

Emily dons some pretty amazing pink looks and we think she would love this pink Dalton suit a al Chanel.

We also think Emily would look tellement superbe in all of our pink selections.

The Statement Brooch

Sylvie loves minimalist clothing in royal and black tones.  She adds add a bit of posh with statement brooches, preferably in gold.  We think these vintage brooches fit the bill,  plus, they’re French courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

Channeling Audrey Hepburn

Lily Collins certainly channels our favorite style muse, Audrey Hepburn, in many of Emilly in Paris episodes.  None more than in episode six, Ringarde, set in the Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House).  We can certainly see Emily running up the stairs in this 1950s strapless cocktail dress with reae bustle.

Absolute Mindy-ness

While Emily and Sylvie went for bold, our fave Mindy went for a more delicate, flouncy look.  We know she would love these vintage necklaces.

and this flouncy floral number.

And lastly, Emily can really rock a cardigan.  This one may be Italian, but a fabulous 1950s window pane check cardigan would fit right in on the French Riviera.

We hear there’s much more Mindy in the second season.  Yay!  It will also be interesting to see if Emily’s style gets more refined in future episodes or will the Parisians get a little more color?  Does she move the staid, hierarchical marketing firm out of the Mélancolie Française into the bright, new world of Instagrammeuses or does she really learn French?

All we know is we are staying tuned and loving the fashion. 

Madge in Paris

P.S.  Want to know what we listen to get into an Emily in Paris mood?  Sample our Retro French Pop playlist.

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