Here’s the Glamour Magazine 1944 College Girl

Last month Madge was rummaging around in one of her favorite Savannah antique haunts and came out with a fab haul of vintage fashion magazines.   After blowing the dust off the stack she found this gem, and since it’s Autumn, here’s a fun back-to-college issue of Glamour from 1944.  It’s interesting that while the cover sub heading is “for the girl with a job” that notion isn’t carried forward in any of the articles.    Here’s to the Glamor Magazine 1944 college girl.

Glamour Magazine cover 1944

Admit it.  We were all this put together in college weren’t we?

1940s red dress, bracelet, long black glolves

Love this look with the rhinestones bracelet, and long black gloves.  Dress by Bedford Casual, Lederer de Paris bracelet, Dawnelle gloves


Glamour magazine 1940s turban, brooches

More college glamour  Don’t you love brooches on the wrapped turban and blouse.  This beautiful outfit is in a crepe fabric with the ungainly name of Belding’s Air Commander.

1940s raincoats

Except for the hairstyle this rainwear spread is right in style.  Check out the leopard print cuff on the gloves.

WWII college girl

1944 reality does intrude within all the glamour. The war years caused this college girl to grow up a lot quicker than her predecessors.  No longer concerning herself with the usual college trivalities.

There’s a gorgeous color combo in this Duplex Fabrics ad.  Vera Maxwell was a very popular fashion designer in the 1930s and 40s and was the first to use ultra suede.  How about that very patriotic handbag?

1940s hats

A hat that stays on and a do that stays put. What could be better?  Of course it looks like an entire can of hair spray was used on her head.

This issue contains some ads that are pure artistry.  Who knew Hanes no-seam stockings could look so beautiful?

Here’s another work of advertising art for Johansen Shoes with an entirely different feel.

Johansen shoes advertisment

Of course Glamour was famous for their Dos & Don’ts, even back then.  Don’t slouch girls!

Glamour Magazine Dos & donts Collage

Plus, no college issue worth it’s snuff would leave out dorm room decor.  Here’s a redo for the princely sum of $78.46.

1940s Dorm Room

So that’s a fun look back at the Glamour Magazine 1944 college girl.  We would love to read your comments below.

Love & Hats Madge

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  1. Well Madge, I’m so envious. I adore old fashion and home dec magazines. I could stay lost for days if I was as lucky as you to find a whole stack. What a wonderful look back at a very stylish, fashion wise day and time. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to go back up top and read it all again.

  2. What a lovely trip back to a time when style and poise was the norm, where woman had waists, fine legs and cared how they looked from head to toe. I need a time machine trip to get stylised and my hair done. Loved it thank you. Mary

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