Holiday Party Style 1966

Holiday Party Style 1966.

A few weeks ago, Madge featured one of the fashion magazines she found in a dusty pile.  That post, How to Dress looked at a fall issue of Glamour from the 40s.  Today we are boosting the glamour quotient with a November 1966 issue from Harper’s Bazaar that is loaded with fabulous holiday looks that could be right off of today’s runways.

This issue leads off with a bang with this fold-over cover of a silver sheath by Norman Norell. This gown was available in either the copper or fuchsia color block.   Madge loves the subtle details of the standup collar and loose sleeves that add interest to  the straight lines of the dress.  Do you have a favorite of the two?

Holiday Party Style - 1966

Imagine her delight when, a few pages in, Madge spotted this ad for a dress from Promenade that is almost exactly like one currently in the shop.

Holiday Party Style 1966

This ad for a velveteen negligee is a hoot, although the idea of velveteen and negligee in the same sentence has Madge’s head spinning.

Holiday Party Style 1966

Polly Bergen Album
“All alone, By the telephone, Waiting for a ring, A ting-a-ling”

Despite the fact that Mr. & Mrs. Madge own an extensive collection of standards on LP and 78s, she still had to search her favorite music service,, to figure this tune out.  The only vocal selection was a Polly Bergen album with a cover shot of her, wait for it, wearing a negligee.

Well after all that angst and sofa fluffing, we certainly hope Steve showed up.

A breathtaking ad from Monet for their Marchesa collection.

Monet Marchesa

Don’t you just love the bottle for this perfume?  Shocking was introduced by the House of Schiaparelli in 1937.   Schiap was in the midst of her surrealist period and ads from the 30s were created by collaborators Salvador Dali and Marcel Vertes.  There’s a wonderful article on this history of this iconic perfume with some of those ads on of my favorite blogs – Bois de Jasmin.

Shocking Schiaparelli

This two-page spread of Givenchy gowns, Fringes and Scallops shows two sides of the 1966 winter collection. On the left is a white satin crepe dress with a matching fringed floor-length cape.  On the right, a petal-tiered number in pale yellow silk faille.


More jewelry, this time a striking bracelet collection from Napier.  “Wrist makeup” is very witty”

Napier Wrist Makeup

Elizabeth Arden Mink

One of the main photo shoots in this is entitled What’s Wicked and first up is this Elizabeth Arden silk chiffon gown with a black mink bodice and black satin straps. Madge would love this today in a faux fur.

Below is a Michael Kazan beaded dress, but the main focus of the photo are the glorious triangle rhinestone earrings from Vendome.

Michael Kazan - Vendome Earrings

Both of these gowns are so of the era and yet still so stylish.  First up is pink crepe with a white wool beaded jacket from Leslie Morris.   The bracelet and earrings are by Mimi di N.

Leslie Morris - Mimi di N jewelry

Holiday Party Style 1966
The facing page is a white crepe dress by Stella with a bolero of fuchsia and pink sequins with another fabulous pair of Vendome earrings. Wouldn’t you love to see these two gowns in color?

More baubles, this time an amazing collection from Weiss, a company that was known for the quality of their rhinestones.
Weiss Rhinestone Jewelry

Madge has a beautiful Weiss rhinestone daisy brooch in the shop right now.

And . . . more “wickedness” with these two dresses in sensational patterns, one by Arnold Scaasi  in a gold brocade and a piece by Sophie in a gold, green and silver obi print.

Scaasi -Sophie collage

The other major fashion spread, Mosaic Paillettes features some gleaming jeweled gowns. This one by Marbel Junior evokes Moorish Spain with its spangled waves of multi-colored beading over coral silk.  The hair style is so quintessentially swinging sixties.

Marbel Junior Morrish Sheath

Yves St. Laurent is in a Medieval mood with this silver evening dress.

Yves St. Laurent 1966

And possibly Madge’s favorite of all of these amazing gowns, one by Maria Antonelli featuring triangular pieces of metal stitched together with gold thread.  Che Bella!

Antonelli Mosaic Sheath

Please leave a comment on which of these fabulous Holiday Party Style gowns is your personal favorite.

As we leave 1966 here’s a piece of advice from Clairol on the back cover of this Harper’s Bazaar issue.

Holiday Party Style 1966

Well said.

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8 years ago

I want to get married in that white crepe by Stella.
Oops, I already am.
Love to Mr.and Mrs.Madge

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