Madge Named Top Vintage Blog by Feedspot

Madge Named Top Vintage Blog

A surprise was awaiting Madge in her Facebook notifications a few days ago and what a pleasant surprise it was.  Madge was named to the 80 Best Vintage Blogs and Websites list by Feedspot

Sites were judged on Google reputation and search ranking; influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, quality and consistency of posts plus Feedspot’s editorial team review. Thanks to the folks at Feedspot. Madge has just the hat to wear with her award.

Top 100 Vintage Blogs on the Planet

Notice Anything?

It’s a new year a new look for Madge.  After five years of writing this blog and running her vintage shops, this old gal needed some nips and tucks around the edges.

Well, here they are. A new, cleaner look in some beautiful colors. Plus we updated the image of Madge and we are sure that grandmother would approve.

Many thanks to Starnership who collaborated with Madge over the past year and also to the group of Madge customers who volunteered their time to work them on this project.

Whew, what a whirlwind.  Out of this effort not only came a new look but also a renewed commitment to help your express your personal style with quality vintage pieces, with fun, flair and integrity.  So here’s to 2017.  Our best vintage ever!

madgeshatbox vintage silhouette
madgeshatbox vintage
MadgesHatbox top vintage blog

Note:  This post has been updated to Feedspot’s 2023 ranking. 

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