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No One Can Know – A Great Read

Madge isn’t known for her book reviews, but she has to spread the news about a great read she just finished.

“No One Can Know” by Adrienne Lacava, is a riveting coming of age story set in Texas during the dark days following the assassination of JFK.


No One Can Know – A Great Read
A fabulous first novel from a very talented writer

With the world on edge after the death of a president and in the midst of possible nuclear annihilation at the push of a button, young Ivy Jean Prichard finds herself at a personal crossroads. While her father goes on a mysterious errand, she finds herself dumped at her estranged uncle’s ranch and in the middle of a war between mother and daughter.

Ivy Jean is at a loss to understand the toxic dynamics at work between her high-society aunt and cousin after losing her own mother as a young child.  Add in a new ranch hand with a mysterious government background who may know who really killed JFK, plus a beautiful stranger who arrives unannounced and in serious trouble, and you have a real page-turner.


No One Can Know - A Great Read


Ms. Lacava grew up in small town Texas and has a real feel for the times and political climate, a mixture of cold war politics and racial unrest.  The reader is immediately plunged into the middle of the action with characters that are vivid and believable.

Madge can’t wait for the next installment of Ivy Jean’s story.


Read an excerpt here.


Also check out Ms. Lavcava’s Blog for her fascinating personal story of how this first novel came about and for some fabulous photos and stories of a time called Camelot.

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