Scooba Update – Progress at Last!

Scooba Update – Progress at Last!  When visiting Scooba last year, the downtown was in ruins.   What was once a vibrant commercial district now was literally falling down.


Now I’m pleased to report that a group of concerned citizens has formed the Scooba Focus Group to foster economic growth and town beautification.


This a dispatch is from Sarah Dauterive, Assistant Librarian, East Mississippi Community College-Scooba.

Scooba Update - Progress at Last!
Madge with Sarah Dauterive and city councilwoman Jane Williams (center), July 2012


The Scooba Focus Group is a group of concerned citizens and local officials in the Scooba community whose main purpose is to better the community through economic growth, beautification of the town, and community involvement. SFG started from another community group called “Turning the Tide on Poverty.” This group was an effort to help communities take action to fight poverty in their communities. By working together, people from all over the community can jointly explore the causes of poverty and find ways to help families and individuals move from poverty to prosperity.

What we have done:

    • Planted roses and placed flower pots around town.
    • Held a Summer Reading Program at the library for children.
    • Partnered with the Town of Scooba in creating a mini business incubator and museum in one of the old store buildings. This has been named The Whistle Stop. In November, The Sweet Car opened in The Whistle Stop, selling baked goods every Friday morning. This was made possible through a grant from the Appalachian Region Commission and the generous donation of the use of the building from the Pucket family.
    • Held the Showcase of Scooba Festival in August 2012.
    • Held a Fall Festival in October 2012 which included vendors, 5K walk/run, and a Wild Game Cook-Off.
    • Decorated downtown for Christmas and organized the Christmas Parade.
    • In February 2013, The Scooba Mississippi Homemakers Volunteer Club started a quilting group that meets in the Whistle Stop every Friday.

We are continuing to work toward projects that will better Scooba. We are currently planning a Relay for Life event in conjunction with East Mississippi Community College, a Blues and BBQ event intended to showcase local food and artists, and to continue the Summer Reading Program started last year. We meet every month to discuss current initiatives and ideas for new programs for the community. We welcome questions, ideas, or comments, so please feel free to contact us!

Sarah Dauterive

Scooba Update - Progress at Last!
A meeting of the Scooba Focus Group


Such exciting news, Sarah.  A trip is planned back to Scooba in April It’s so inspiring to see a group of citizens rallying to save this this little jewel of a town.


Scooba Update - Progress at Last!




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