Archie Eason & the Green Sequin Hat

One of the most imaginative milliners in the business was Archie Eason and his “green sequin” hats, known for their high quality and unique design.  Eason’s success is a classic story of a hometown boy who makes good. Archie Eason Netted Straw hat Born in Waycross, Georgia in 1928, Eason moved to Jacksonville, Florida at age 14.  After military service he returned to Jacksonville and took a job as a stock clerk at the Cohen Brother Department store with the intention of attending the Ringling School of Art.  As with many creative personalities, he turned to hat making after watching hats being made in the millinery department and thinking “I can do that”.   Since his mother was a very successful dressmaker, Eason learned about draping and quality workmanship at a young age which helped his leap into millinery. His first hat, made while filling in at the workroom, was a Sailor with yellow cascading roses.  The hat was such a hit that his fate as a milliner was sealed.  His famous signature, a single green sequin on each hat, originally served a more basic purpose.  Within the large hat department at Cohen Brothers, Eason wanted a way for customers to identify which hats were his, so the green sequin was born.   After a few years he became the head of the hat department and quickly rose to prominence as one of the preferred milliners of stylish Southern women. In 1960 Eason moved to New York City, initially teaming up with celebrity milliner Don Marshall known for making the hat for Grace Kelly’s wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco.  Eason opened his own salon in 1964 and also supplied hats for Donald Brooks and Ladybird Johnson’s designer George Stavropoulos.  Eason made a name for himself producing all types of hats to …

Archie Eason White Hat, Straw Waterfall Brim

A breathtaking high fashion hat by Archie Eason with a gorgeous waterfall brim.
✅  Approx. Hat Size (cm): 21.5 (53); Outside Diameter: 15″ (38); Height of Crown 5.5″ (14).
✅  Condition: Very good.
✅  Era:  1950s.
✅  Mark/Label: Archie Eason, Made for Davisons.
✅  One-of-a-kind.

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Vintage Archie Eason Hat, Unique Caged Straw Design

The decorative netting on this hat is superb.  Unlike anything we have seen.
✅  Approx. Hat Size (cm): 21 (53); Outside Diameter: 15″ (38);  Crown Height: 3″ (7.5)  Brim Width: 5″ (12.5).
✅  Condition: Some small spots on the under the brim. Not noticeable when worn.
✅  Era: 1950s.
✅  Mark/Label: Archie Eason, Davisons.
✅  One-of-a-kind.

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Camel Hat, Vintage 1960s Archie Eason, Wool Felt, Size 21.5

Archie Eason hats are always a treat to wear and this fall camel hat is oh so flattering.
Approx. Hat Size (cm):  21.5″ (54.5); Diameter: 33″ (84); Height Crown: 5″ (13); Width of Brim: 1.5 – 3″ (4 – 13).
Condition: Very good.
Mark/Label: Archie Eason.
Vintage Item  – Only one available.