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Madge reached into her collection of vintage magazines and found this gem from the December 1960 of Hats Magazine.  We couldn’t resist celebrating the season with this amazing cover hat by Don Marshall.    The very breathless description follows:  

This towering cloche welcomes the new season with a cheery Happy New Year.  Fashioned of paglina straw in mauvish cyclamen pink. It is as spring-like as it is feminine.  A graceful montage of taffeta rose foliage in matching tones  is arranged over the front and top for increased height and softness. A spray of bright green velvet leaves with veined sequins strewn with brilliants introduces a sharp contrast, while the velvet back bow repeats the color of the straw. A striking example of the correct hat for festive occasions, anywhere, anytime.  


Hats Magazine Cover Hat by Don Marshall

Continuing in the holiday spirit in this issue are these latest designs from Paris entitled Evening Glamour.  We particularly love the high turban with Marabou dingle balls, middle-top.  The Paulette cloche, upper left, features diamond clips from Chaumet. We would definitely wear that hat.

1960s Cocktail Hats

Of course since Hat’s Magazine was a trade publiction, this December issue is full of delightful designs for spring 1961.  Here’s a round up of styles from some of the biggest milliners of the time including Chanda, Mr. John, Emme, John Frederic and William J.

Spring hat for 1961
American Hat Designers 1961

Morris J. Shulman, a wholesaler to the millinery trade, shows us some very interesting hat frame designs   Lots of versions of turbans and berets.

1960s Hat Styles

Here are some lovely spring trims.

floral trims for millinery

Sadly, creative department store window displays are going the way of the Dodo.  Here’s some fun ones from Bergdorf Goodman’s (1), Saks Fifth Avenue (2-4) and Orbach’s (5).

1960s store window displays

More styles for Spring.  These ladies hats are Sky High!

Spring hat fashions from 1961

And finally, an interesting note on the inside cover.  Anyone have any idea how to contact a certain Mr. Frowick?  The publisher has heard he’s a new milliner on the scene.    We happen to know that Mr. Frowick will decide to go by his first name, Halston.  It won’t be long before Hats Magazine knows his name.

Merry Christmas from MadgesHatbox Vintage

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