Show Us Your Hat!

We’re putting together our annual blog post for National Hat Day on January 15.  Each year we love to feature customers and fans showing off one of their favorite hats and we need you! SHOW US YOUR HAT!

Send us a photo for our blog.  In additional to gaining world-wide fame 🤪, we’ll send you a coupon for $15 gift card.

Hat wearers are becoming a rara avis indeed. When even the UK’s Heritage Craft Association considers millinery an endangered craft you know hats are in trouble.

John Frederics hat, show us your hat
A John Frederics confection from 1954. The last full decade when most women wore hats.

I’ll be showing off a flapper-style Whittall & Javits sample hat that was never produced. One of my favs! (Stay tuned to see it). Wore it to a 1920s-themed New Year’s Eve party in 2019.  Remember parties?  Sigh . . .

So let’s represent on the 15th! Send your photo either by posting on our Facebook thread or send us one at If you are a small business owner, don’t forget to send us a link so we can promote it.

Oh, and if a new vintage hat is your heart’s desire, guess who has them?

Vintage Fashion Manifesto

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