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Here’s a tale of Lynyrd Skynard style.  Madge was poking around in some of her favorite Buckhead boutiques when she met up with Carol, the owner of a fabulous lady’s shop called Razzle Dazzle.  Carol’s shop features hip and fun clothes, jewelry, and accessories that are fashion-forward with a little boho flair. Madge has purchased some fabulous t-shirts and peace sign jewelry at her shop. 

We struck up a conversation about vintage hats, which for some reason, happens a lot with Madge.  Carol suddenly exclaimed she had a few hats discovered in the attic of the house she bought back in the 1980s and would Madge take a look?  Well of course! Thinking that we would set a time in the future, Madge was surprised when Carol suddenly dashed off next door and then came back a few minutes later with a beat-up shopping bag.   “Here!” as she laid them triumphantly on the counter.

Well, this would usually be a normal story for Madge until she heard the name of the previous homeowner – Velma Van Zant, grandmother of the Van Zant brothers better known as Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Can Madge get a Free Bird? Considering that these beauties had been up in that attic for God knows how long and then living in a shopping bag in the back of Carol’s shop for 20 more years, they were in pretty good shape.    Now I don’t know Velma, but I do know that she just loved pink!   There are three pink hats, two florals plus a silk taffeta turban in the set.   The most unique hat is a beautiful gray turban with blue rhinestone button detail and some lovely circle stitching, custom-made by Mabel Manzer.  Check out the lovely lace lining.  If anyone in the Van Zant family has any photos of Velma in her hats Madge would love to see them.

So after some steaming, blocking, and shaping, for those who like their vintage Southern Fried, Madge introduces the

The Probably Owned by Velma Van Zant Collection

Southern Fried Vintage lynyrd skynyrd Amazing Tower of Flowers!Southern Fried Vintage lynyrd skynyrd 50s Pink Floral Christine 

Southern Fried Vintage lynyrd skynyrd A 60s Mabel Manzer

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2018 update:  Since this post was written, Carol has retired and closed the shop.

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  1. Fabulous hats and what a great story – love Lynyrd Skynyrd,and how sweet to see the Van Zants’ grandmother’s pretty things!

  2. It is funny how hats just happen to flow into your life, as if they just knew you are the one who will adore them. At least until you find the next person who adores them too. It is nice of you to share the story, and the hats.
    Velma would be thrilled to know you care.

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