Thanksgiving Hollywood Style

Back in the golden age of Hollywood, movie studios invested considerable effort in crafting the image of their stars.  Back then, pr men worked overtime to quash reports of peccadillos and promote wholesomeness.  Thus began the publicity still showing off movie stars at home, with their kids, and of course, in all sorts of holiday getups. 

So in the spirit of the holiday, here’s a look at how classic Hollywood used to spend Thanksgiving.

I’ll just bet Joan Crawford cooked this herself. 

joan crawford turkey

Fun publicity still from Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

Judy Garland Hollywood thanksgiving
Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney battle it out.

You looking at Me?

Doris day at Thanksgiving
Doris Day giving with the fish eye

Some holiday cheesecake from Marilyn.

Thanksgiving from Marilyn Monroe
That is one sexy pilgrim

Debbie Reynolds looking domestic.

Debbie Reynolds thankgiving
Debbie does dinner

More Thanksgiving cheesecake, this time with Vera Ellen on point.

Vera Ellen thanksgiving
That's my kind of musketeer

Vincent Price doing what he does best.

vincent price
Vincent ALWAYS gets to carve the turkey.

Esther Williams steps out of the pool to pardon the MGM turkey.

Esther williams thanksgiving

And finally, from one of my all-time favorites, Bob Hope shows us how to carve a turkey.

Bob hope carves a turkey

This article in Hollywood Magazine was to promote his upcoming move Thanks for the Memory.  Of course, the song Thanks for the Memory was originally from the movie The Big Broadcast of 1938 that came out earlier in the year starring W. C. Fields.  Hope’s rendition of the theme song with Shirley Ross stole the show.  This second one must have been a quickie follow-up to capitalize on his sudden popularity.

Madge is off to do some cooking so she will leave you with that classic song from Hope and Shirley Ross.   Thank you for the memories, Bob.  


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