The Hat Shop – Madge in NYC – Episode 3

After our whirlwind tour of 1stdibs and some fortification by panini, we journeyed to Madge’s most anticipated diversion The Hat Shop owned by Linda Pagan.   This wonderful little shop on Thomas Street has an international reputation, attracting hat aficionados to Soho since 1995 and for good reason.  Linda packs a lot into a small package and Madge was on a mission to find a new hat.

The Hat Shop NYC
The Hat Shop

Her delightful shop has the most amazing hats for both men and women.   Linda exclusively carries New York City milliners plus her own line which includes some great travel hats.  Anything she has in stock can be remade with a different color or decoration to make it truly yours.

Madge and Mr. Madge were bowled over by the selection ranging from sophisticated, to beautiful to crazy!

Linda was so gracious about Madge’s incessant photo-taking while her shop was full of customers.  It was after Kentucky Derby day, so while things were settling down, she still had a steady stream of regulars while we were there.

womens hats for sale
Vintage cherry hat
OMG! This cherry top was FAB.

Madge was particularly taken with these fabulous pink feather numbers. Unfortunately, they both looked better on the mannequins.

feather hats

After considerable trial and error, Madge found the perfect fit – a gray and pink fedora just her size.  Here we are Victorious!  Linda in her best finery and I in my new Hat!

The Hat Shop

When not hatting it up in her shop, or promoting the Milliners Guild, Linda is in Kenya working with her favorite charity – The Thorn Tree Project which aids in the schooling of the children of nomadic Samburu tribes in Northern Kenya.  Their approach has been very effective in advancing the economic prospects of these tribes while working to retain their culture.  Madge bought some of their fab Samburu bracelets and I hope you will too!

As we were preparing to leave Linda mentioned that a shopkeeper down the block was showing a Schiaparelli from her personal collection the store window.   So after we bid adieu we hoofed it down to a delightful shop called Rosebud which showcases the fashion and home décor of more than twenty Israeli designers.  The shop girls were very gracious and let me try on this treasure.  After viewing all of the fabulous hats at the Met exhibit Madge was positively gobsmacked to wear her first Schiaparelli! 

schiaparelli hat

This visit to this Shop and with Linda was the highlight of our New York adventure.  Any hat devotee must make the pilgrimage to Soho and visit the modestly named – The Hat Shop, 120 Thompson.   You will not be disappointed.

MadgesHatbox top vintage blog

Next Episode – The Grand Finale, A Time for Reflect

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