Spring garden tour
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Hats in the Garden

Hats in the GardenMadge and Mr. Madge headed out this weekend on a beautiful spring morning to partake in the annual Gardens for Connoisseurs tour by the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  Twelve private gardens were featured, all around the Atlanta area.   Madge  loves gardens but since she has the blackes...

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[ Livin' La Vida Vintage ]

Get Your Hat On – It’s National Hat Day

Get Your Hat On - It's National Hat Day
National Hat Day - January 15

It's time for Madge's favorite holiday
and what could be better than a sale on every hat in the joint!

So Shop the Sale and Get Your Hat On!


document.getElementById('ShopifyEmbedScript') || doc...

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The End of the Road
[ Madge's Story ]

Finding Madge – The End of the Road

As the car eased out of the motel parking lot, a thought was nagging in the back of my brain. Was I wasting my time?  Any contemporaries of my grandmother were long gone. Maybe too much time had passed.


This whole quest had begun by happenstance.   Opening a shop to sell my vintage co...

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