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Finding Madge in Mississippi
A Granddaughter’s Journey

Madge in Mississippi
Opening an online shop to sell my vintage collection was a conscious act to de-clutter.  Naming the shop Madge’s Hatbox, after my grandmother, was loving nod to her years as a milliner.   Then a chance remark by my aunt sent me on a journey in search...

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Leslie James Hats
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What’s In a Label? Leslie James Hats

This month in honor of National Hat Day, January 15,  Madge is featuring some of her favorite milliners. WHAT'S IN A LABEL? LESLIE JAMES HATSThe first hat I purchased was at an antique store in my hometown of Wichita, Kansas.  I was in middle school and the hat was a faux leopard number, probably fr...

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Winter lookbook photo shoot
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Winter Lookbook Photo shoot

Go behind the scenes of our Winter Lookbook shoot at Mutiny Artwrx

Our winter photo shoot lived up to its name as the temperatures dipped into the 40s in Atlanta.  Our intrepid crew, photographer Roya Miller, videographers Duncan and Connor from Pineapple Cut, plus our fabu...

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