Martin D. Hughes Madame Chairman
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Estate Sale Nirvana

Livin' La Vida Vintage - Estate Sale Nirvana

As you may know, Madge is a denizen of estate sales.  What you may not know is that Atlanta area is the holy grail of said sales.   For you poor souls who are unfamiliar with the concept, a quick definition from the dictionary of Madge:
Estate sale: A...

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Madge Vintage Rocks the world
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Madge Vintage Rocks The World!

Madge Vintage Rocks The World

It's Official!
After 262 cities, 26 countries, 39 states,
200 pieces of jewelry, 100 hats and more,
Madge is celebrating her 2nd birthday!

Whew! Hang on just a sec, Madge needs to sit down and catch her breath.
What an amazing tally if this g...

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Spring garden tour
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Hats in the Garden

Hats in the GardenMadge and Mr. Madge headed out this weekend on a beautiful spring morning to partake in the annual Gardens for Connoisseurs tour by the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  Twelve private gardens were featured, all around the Atlanta area.   Madge  loves gardens but since she has the blackes...

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