Bonnie Bell
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An Ode to Bonne Bell

Originally published April 19, 2016The news that the Bonne Bell Company is shutting down, gave Madge pause to remember her (not) miss-spent youth. If it wasn’t for Bonne Bell, Madge might not have survived puberty. As the go-to skincare and cosmetic line for young girls in the 1970s, the company wil...

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Pierre Cardin
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Pierre Cardin – Forever Fashion

We lost designer Pierre Cardin this week at age 98.  Today the name Pierre Cardin, if thought of at all, conjures up a licensing machine full of disparate products from key chains to furniture. But during the 1960s and 70s, he was one of the most innovative designers of fashion,  jewelry, and even i...

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That 70s Chanel Show
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That 70s Chanel Show

Madge is one day closer to halfway through National Blog Posting Month. Check out the official site on BlogHer, and then come back often to see how Madge is doing.
That 70s Chanel Show

Madge attended the national launch for Chanel's Cruise collection for 2014/15 last nigh...

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