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Madge Named Top Vintage Blog by Feedspot

Madge named top vintage blog. 
A surprise was awaiting Madge in her Facebook notifications a few days ago and what a pleasant surprise it was.  This blog as top vintage blog by Feedspot.  In fact Madge was named to Top 100 Vintage Blogs and Websites on the Planet.

Sites were judged on Google rep...

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Wing back earrings
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The Story of Judith McCann and Wingback Earrings

 Madge just keeps on keeping on during National Blog Posting Month.
Judith McCann Wingback earrings

The Story of Judith McCann
and Wingback Earrings
Throughout the centuries earring design concentrated on fashion, not comfort.  From the primitive stick-through-the-ear beginnings to those pinch...

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Jewelry Story Idea
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So Much Jewelry, So Little Space

Is it already day four?  Madge is attempting to write a blog post every day this month during National Blog Posting Month  (NaBloPoMo).   Check out the official site on BlogHer, then come back daily to see how Madge is doing.So Much Jewelry, So Little TimeAs you might imagine, as a writer on vintage...

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