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That Lucky Bamboo Brooch

That lucky bamboo broochA young woman in her 30s begins the long journey from Ft. Worth, Texas to Okinawa, Japan.  It’s the early 60s and she is on her way to meet her new husband, a Marine who is stationed there.  Life has been a rough go so far with a difficult first marriage and then life as a si...

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Vintage rhinestone jewelry
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It’s Bling Week at MadgesHatbox

It's Bling Week

It's Bling Week at MadgesHatbox
Fall wedding season is here and holiday parties are just around the corner. Save on all our sparklies including jewelry, fashion, hats and men's accessories. 
Shop the Bling

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Don’t Fear the Clip!

Don't Fear the Clip
If you have browsed Madge's shop, you have probably noticed that most of her earrings are clips. You are probably saying to the computer right now, "Wait Madge, I have pierced ears." Well my vintage-loving friends I have one revelation - Don't fear the Clip!

Pierced earring...

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